Services Offered

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal—if there is dark hair, it can be permanently removed underarms, face, neck, bikini, Brazilian, ears, lip, arm, legs, privates You name it can be done


Hyperpigmentation—dark patches on skin that tend to look dirty as time goes by, you can even remove freckles
Age spots on the hands takes years away from you

Cherry angiomas

Cherry angiomas—these are like red freckles but instead of darkness its blood inside, best of all it is easy to remove and No recovery time

calcium build up

these are tiny looking bumps under your skin that just don't go away. Please go to a licensed specialist or you could develop scars


Rosacea—redness of the face and body, you may notice getting out of hot shower your face is red but, over time it gets more and more noticeable. This is a genetic trait mostly with Scottish or Irish somewhere in their background
Bad thing is it will get worse and there is no cure. The good thing is that you can keep it under control and it to the point that no one will ever know you have it

Wrinkles and Fine lines

Wrinkles and Fine lines—depending on the person and how they follow instruction, you can take off 7-10 years and keep it that way

Scarring of any kind

Scaring of any kind—acne scaring is what most
Come in for but accidents do happen and those scars can be improved also